David Hime

At Austin Orthodontic Arts, we take a comprehensive, solution-focused approach to each client’s needs. We provide patients with a wide variety of treatment options, hands-on doctors and knowledgeable staff to make sure we get the best results. We make it our goal to see each patient finish their treatment equipped not only with a beautiful smile, but with the confidence they need to succeed. That’s because we are dedicated to transforming the lives of our patients and our community at large through our commitment to skill, service, and results. We see our work as a life-long investment in the future of our patients and of our community. Our team’s commitment to building lasting relationships with our clients, as well as leaving a lasting impact on the Austin community, all serve the same goal: we want to enable everyone to reach their full potential. At Austin Orthodontic Arts, we know that a smile is not just a smile – it is opportunity, confidence, self-esteem, and future success. When you step through our doors as a patient, we invite you to be a part of something much bigger than just a clinic.

5718 Balcones Drive
Austin 78731 TX US
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Donated Orthodontic Services
David Hime is a Donated Orthodontic Services provider.
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