Updated statement regarding COVID 19

Updated Announcement from the Texas Association of Orthodontists

Thursday, March 19, 2020

In light of concerns surrounding the Coronavirus and in response to the latest recommendation from the White House Special Task Force, you may notice that many orthodontic offices are closed and suspending all non-essential care for at least the next two weeks – through the end of March.

Hopefully, your orthodontic office has already contacted you if you have an appointment scheduled within that time period.  Your doctor is likely reviewing each patient’s treatment status as appointments are being rescheduled to minimize the impact this delay will have on your overall treatment time.  Also , please know that if you have an urgent need during this time, such as pain or injury, your orthodontic office should be available for emergency care.

At this time, please follow the recommendations of your local authorities.  Stay at home whenever possible.  Our ability to overcome this Coronavirus will take everyone’s collective effort and cooperation.  Texas has recovered from hurricanes, floods, tornadoes and other natural disasters.  We will overcome this threat and emerge stronger after it.  Thank you and be SAFE!

Coronavirus Infographic - English