The Texas Association of Orthodontists offers bilingual educational resources for National Children’s Dental Health month

Austin, Texas- (January 30, 2021) February is National Children’s Dental Health Month, an opportunity for parents, teachers, and health professionals to promote the benefits of good oral health to children and adults.

Texas Association of Orthodontists is pleased to join the American Dental Association, sponsor of this awareness month, in providing resources and information to the community about the importance of establishing healthy attitudes and habits at an early age that will be critical throughout life.

Many people don’t realize that oral health care goes beyond just brushing and flossing on a regular basis. Especially for parents, it is important to be aware that orthodontic care may be crucial for their children’s oral health.

“Kids may need orthodontic treatment for a variety of reasons including building confidence with a perfect smile, creating a healthy bite, straightening teeth that are not properly situated in the jaw, and proper orthodontic care may even help prevent heart disease. As it is such an important part of your child’s health, we recommend finding a local orthodontist for an initial consultation at age 6-7, or at any age after”, said Dr. Catharine Borders, President of the Board of the Texas Association of Orthodontics.

As part of this month’s awareness campaign, the TAO makes available to media, teachers, and the community a series of bilingual informational articles and videos regarding how orthodontic care can contribute to the overall health and future self-esteem of children and adults. The TAO encourages the media and the community to use and distribute freely the following resources:



A member of the TAO can also be made available for quotes or interviews.


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