Texas Association of Orthodontists Celebrates National Children’s Dental Health Month with Spanish-language Resources for Parents


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Texas Association of Orthodontists Celebrates National Children’s Dental Health Month with Spanish-language Resources for Parents

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Austin, Texas- (February 1, 2022) The Texas Association of Orthodontists (TAO) is taking advantage of National Children’s Dental Health Month to make Spanish-speaking parents aware of the Spanish-language resources available on the TAO website and social media.

February is a great opportunity for parents, teachers, and health professionals to promote the benefits of good oral health to children and adults. In consideration of the large number of Spanish-speaking parents in the community, TAO created “TAO en Español,” a Spanish-language section of the website. There, parents can read educational material about orthodontic treatment for children, learn about some of the TAO member orthodontists, and find an orthodontist in their area.

According to recent US Census data, 29.2% of Texans are native speakers of Spanish, and the Texas Demographics Center believes that the number of Hispanics in Texas will grow to exceed 20 million by 2050. TAO strongly believes that community outreach on the part of health professionals should be bilingual, or we risk leaving out a third of the Texas population.

In that spirit, TAO also translates all social media content into Spanish to make information accessible to more people across the state of Texas. Since we began providing bilingual content, our Spanish-speaking audience has grown to 34% of our total followers on Facebook. TAO’s Instagram and Facebook accounts offer helpful tips about caring for orthodontic appliances, the importance of early orthodontic intervention, and video interviews with member orthodontists.

“As an organization one of our goals is to help all parents understand how important orthodontic care can be for their children’s oral health, and we were concerned that Spanish-speaking parents didn’t have access to quality, accurate information. That’s why we are committed to translating all of our online content, and our social media accounts are managed by bilingual staff who can respond to any questions or concerns,” says Dr. Enrique Cruz, TAO board member and native Spanish speaker.

As part of this month’s awareness campaign, TAO encourages the media and the community to use and distribute freely the following resources:


TAO en Español

Facebook page:

The Texas Association of Orthodontists





A member of TAO can also be made available for quotes or interviews.

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