TAO Membership and New Website

Dear Orthodontic Colleagues,

Greetings from the Texas Association of Orthodontists (TAO)!  We hope this email finds you well.

This is a very exciting time for us.  We want to reach out to you again to strongly suggest you reconsider renewing your TAO membership this year to be included in our orthodontist locator/directory, one of the core features of our impressive brand-new Texas Association of Orthodontist website.   We are planning to launch this website in the Summer of 2017.

Features of the Orthodontist locator will include:

  • Allow users to search for a listing by city or zip code
  • Use auto locator to get user’s current location
  • Allow searching by map
  • Display Google map with the markers of the locations and information window for each marker
  • Members can edit their information through a secure portal

We believe that our new TAO website will make a great impact.  It will bolster our consumer awareness campaign with emphasis on the differences between dentists and orthodontists, reflect the professional values/mission of our organization and provide a searchable directory of TAO member orthodontists.   The directory will be a valuable resource for patients to find an orthodontic specialist in Texas.

The website is currently in the design phase, but we are very impressed with how it is looking so far.  It will only improve over time with more functionality to be added.

For 2017, TAO dues will decrease to $480.00 (from the $635.00 in 2016) to continue our consumer awareness campaign and to build the new TAO website with a strong presence that will direct potential Texas patients to TAO member orthodontists.   If you are still a member of AAO and wish to reinstate your TAO membership, please email Cindy Metcalf, executive director of the TAO, at [email protected]. If you wish to reinstate AAO membership , please email Sherry Nappier, AAO manager of member services, [email protected].

We urge you to strongly reconsider renewing your TAO membership to be included in the TAO orthodontist directory and be a part of this exciting initiative.  Let us choose to be one united voice for our patients and our great profession!

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any comments or questions.   We wish you all continued success in 2017.

Best Regards,

Your TAO Board


Dr. Jesse Teng, President; Dr. Deji Fashemo, President-Elect, Dr. Omar Issa, Vice-President, Dr. Matthew Ng, Secretary-Treasurer, Dr. Kelly Heetland, Immediate Past President; Directors at Large – Dr. Catharine Borders, Dr. Hardik Kapadia, Dr. Les Starnes, Dr. John Wise


Cindy Metcalf, Executive Director

Texas Association of Orthodontists

PO Box 1764

Broken Arrow, OK 74013-1764

918-455-2380 telephone

800-849-6070 fax

[email protected]