Some misconceptions about braces

There are tons of misconceptions about braces out there. You might have some anxiety about getting braces as you have heard many stories. If your orthodontist recommends that you need braces, make sure you ask all the questions that are in the back of your mind, information is knowledge, the more you know about braces from a good source, the more at ease you will feel about them and potentially starting treatment.

Here are the top misconceptions about getting braces:

Braces Are Only for Cosmetic Purposes

Many people think that the only reason for braces is to improve your smile and straighten your teeth. They do not think braces benefit anything else. However, getting braces will help you to get rid of any abnormal bite that you have. Having a misaligned bite can cause you to not brush correctly, and your teeth could be subject to decay. For children, it is especially important since orthodontists also evaluate growth patterns and evaluate for orthopedic treatments.

You Have to Keep Braces for a Long Time

You may be concerned that you will have to wear braces for a very long time. The time to wear braces varies from person to person. Some people need to wear their braces for up to three years, while some people will only have to wear them for under a year. If you want to know how long you will need to wear yours, your orthodontist can let you know.

Braces Are “Painful”

Many people think that if you have braces, you are going to be in pain all the time. Braces today only apply gentle pressure to make sure that your teeth are moving to the right location. It is a light and continuous force that makes the teeth feel a little tender, usually the first day or two after the appointment.

You Have to Have Your Wires Changed at Every Appointment

Some people may have to have their wires changed at every appointment, but this is not true. Some wires are active for several months, and need to be checked or retightened, this will be up to your orthodontist and how your teeth have moved or need to be moved.

Braces Set Off Metal Detectors

Some people think that if you wear braces and go through a metal detector, it will set the metal detector off. This is not true. Braces are made of a lightweight material that will not set off any metal detectors.

Your Teeth Will Be Straight for The Rest of Your Life

Some people think that when they get their braces off, their teeth will stay straight forever. However, if you do not wear your retainer regularly and you do not keep up with your oral care routines, your teeth may shift positions. Everything in our body changes with time and teeth are no exception.

You Can No Longer Eat Your Favorite Foods

You can still eat all your favorite foods when you have braces. However, you will have to take some steps in order to eat them. For example, you will need to chop your apples up because you will not be able to bite them, and you will need to remove meat from the bone before you eat it. Generally, you should also avoid all foods that are sticky, hard, or chewy. Also remember to thoroughly brush your teeth after every meal. Don’t make your treatment time longer because you didn’t follow the rules!

Any Dentist Can Treat You with Braces

Only 6% of dentists are orthodontists. The reason they go to 24-36 months of additional training is because that is the average time of an orthodontic treatment. Some dentists go through weekend trained courses to learn about orthodontics, but the reality is, it is not enough time. An orthodontist studies for years on how-to put-on braces correctly and learns how to treat other oral health issues.

Braces Will Weaken Your Teeth

Some people have the misconception that braces will weaken their teeth. This is not the truth. Braces make your teeth more functional and straighter, which will, in turn, make them stronger.

Braces are a great way to ensure that you have optimal oral health. So, if your dentist tells you that you need to make an appointment with the orthodontist to look into getting braces, make that appointment as soon as possible. The sooner you get braces, the sooner your teeth can be straightened, and your bite can be corrected.

Getting Started with Orthodontic Treatment in Texas

If you live in Texas, a great place to find your orthodontist is the Texas Association of Orthodontists (TAO). The TAO is a professional organization of orthodontic specialists committed to maintaining the highest standards of orthodontic care for patients throughout Texas.  You can access the TAO’s directory web page at