Odessa CBS 7: DIY braces attempts are causing more harm than good


Young kids are trying to straighten their own teeth by creating do-it-yourself braces.

American Association of Orthodontics reports orthodontists are seeing a 13 percent increase in the DIY hacks and are concerned. AAO reports the most common materials used to attempt DIY teeth straightening include rubber bands, dental floss, fishing line and paper clips.

According to Men’s Health DIY teeth-straightening methods can cost $20,000 in mouth damage. Health officials are sending out a warning. Don’t do it.

Local orthodontist Dr. David Turner has seen a couple cases here in West Texas and says trying to fix your own teeth could lead to long lasting effects. While cutting costs may be a good idea in some areas, this is not one of them.

Turner adds the best thing to do is seek a professional at aaoinfo.org which lists all certified orthodontists in the state of Texas.