New Year, New Resolutions! Now is the time for orthodontic treatment.

2023 for Orthodontics in Texas

The Texas Association of Orthodontists wishes you a Happy New Year! The start of the year is an excellent time to set goals and make resolutions for the coming year. While many people focus on eating healthy and exercising more, dental health and improved confidence should be at the top of your priority list!  Resolving to begin the new year with orthodontic treatment is a first step toward improving yourself and your smile.

What are some of the reasons to make orthodontic treatment a priority this year?

  1. Better overall oral health.

While orthodontic treatment straightens teeth and jaws for cosmetic reasons, it also benefits your periodontal health and immune system. Teeth alignment can also help to correct jaw problems that may be interfering with your ability to eat or speak well.

Here are some other benefits of orthodontic treatment:

  • Enhanced appearance
  • Teeth that are properly aligned are easier to clean and floss, which improves your overall oral hygiene.
  • Food chewing becomes easier.
  • Reduce tooth wear or chipping caused by grinding
  • Protruding teeth pose a lower risk of injury.
  1. Increased self-esteem

A beautiful smile is inextricably linked to increased self-confidence. Many patients report that they smile and laugh more openly after completing orthodontic treatment, simply because they are proud of their lovely, straight teeth.

Many orthodontists have seen patients who refused to grin for photos before getting braces and then were beaming from ear to ear following their orthodontic treatment.

  1.  New technology and shorter treatment times.

Thankfully, the days of having to wear braces for four years or more are over. Braces today are smaller, smoother, and more aesthetically pleasing. Furthermore, orthodontic wires are becoming more forgiving, resulting in less stress on teeth (and hence less discomfort) with improved efficiency. This allows for shorter treatment times, sometimes under two years, and fewer adjustment visits.

  1. Numerous choices.

New advancements in technology have led to more treatment options for straightening teeth.  In addition to traditional metal braces, there is the option of clear (esthetic) braces. This is a more cosmetic alternative to metal braces and equally as effective, hence commonly the treatment option of choice for adult patients.

Another popular cosmetic option amongst adults and teens today are clear aligners, which involves tooth movement through a series of clear, virtually invisible, removable “aligners.” While braces have been around a lot longer, advances in technology have made clear aligners a very effective and highly esthetic means to straighten teeth in many cases.

Getting Started

Now is an excellent time for anyone to begin orthodontic treatment. You can find a Texas orthodontic specialist near you by visiting our online directory.