National Orthodontic Health Month: Why Shopping online for braces isn’t your best option

It’s National Orthodontic Health month once again, and we want to help you get the smile you not only want but deserve. Since orthodontic care is a vital contributor to good dental health and overall mouth function, it’s important you’re getting the best care possible.

If you’ve ever shopped online for something that didn’t work out, you know how disappointing it can be. But just imagine if you couldn’t return it. That’s the danger when you look for a better smile online. A home aligner kit actually has a lot of risks—and if it doesn’t work out, you can’t return your smile. When it comes to online shopping, stick to shoes and make sure to see a Texas orthodontic specialist in-person for your treatment.

While it may seem convenient to order your treatment while lounging on your couch, it’s essential to visit an orthodontic specialist at their office for your care. Your orthodontic specialist will monitor the correct movement of the teeth and jaws, and, more importantly, personally evaluate the health of your teeth and gums. At their office, they have the technology and equipment to make sure they’re seeing everything going on holistically and not just what’s on the surface. And with regularly office visits, should a problem arise, you will benefit from the orthodontic specialist’s timely action.

Though at-home options seem to be quicker, take the advertised claims of orthodontic treatment completed in a few months with a grain of salt. Taking shortcuts with your treatment may cause more damage than good, and it may be irreversible or take years to fix. Many online treatments move just the front teeth, without correcting the bite. This could severely alter the way the teeth fit together and lead to abnormal wear and tear. Trust your TAO orthodontic specialist to realistically estimate the amount of time needed to create a beautiful and healthy smile.

Your teeth may seem like they only need a slight adjustment to get them straight, but orthodontic treatment involves much more than meets the eye. There may be underlying issues that you, or a mold, may not recognize. Orthodontists are highly educated specialists who have additional training and are uniquely qualified to recommend the most appropriate type of treatment to correct an individual’s problem, and deliver a healthy, well-aligned and beautiful smile. Orthodontists base a patient’s diagnosis and treatment on the findings of in-person exams and study of records such as x-rays. A unique plan for the movement of teeth and jaws is prescribed, and patients see the orthodontist while teeth are being moved to ensure treatment is on track and teeth and gums stay healthy.

While at-home kits may seem like a more economical option, you’re risking long-term effects which can actually be more costly. Teeth move because the bone which holds them in place dissolves and reforms. This biological process is carefully guided, step-by-step, by an orthodontic specialist who regularly assesses the health of your teeth and gums. By the time you realize something with your at-home treatment is wrong, the damage may be beyond repair, even with professional help. Restoring lost teeth can be expensive and requires life-long maintenance.

It’s in the patient’s best, and safest, interest for their teeth to be moved under the direct and ongoing supervision of a TAO orthodontic specialist.  It’s safer, too! Don’t gamble on your teeth – see a specialist.