Make a Fashion Statement this Halloween with Colored Braces

Getting Colored Braces in Texas

To make braces more of a fashion statement instead of a metallic color, orthodontic patients have lots to choose from. There are a variety of different-colored ties in colors ranging from pastel to bold – a little something for everyone’s tastes! The colors show up on the elastic ties that are used to bind the wires and brackets together.

The color for both the wires and the ties can be changed as often as the patient wants. In fact, it’s been shown that people with colorful braces have increased confidence and a more positive attitude.

Young people love to use different colored rubber bands to enhance their self-expression, but they also serve a more important purpose at the same time. Patients are typically more enthusiastic about their procedures when they use the colored bands, which makes them more cooperative with the staff in return. An experience that meets a patient’s expectations is a win-win, not only for them but for orthodontists as well.

Kids who take pride in their colorful braces are also more likely to take better care of them and their teeth. Their orthodontic treatments will have an increased likelihood of success if they follow the recommendations set by their Orthodontists.

The color choices for your hardware are variable, from the rubber bands the patients replace every day to the selection of colors they can choose from to suit their temperament, occasion, wardrobe, mood, or preference. Most people won’t spend a lot of time choosing specific colors unless they plan on using them.

Did you know that you can also choose colors to match almost any occasion including Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, or Christmas? It’s true. You’ll see a lot of people sporting black and orange or red and green for these holidays.

School spirit colors are also another popular trend among teens. Many orthodontists will keep large inventories of certain spirit colors for some of the larger schools in their neighborhoods. Additionally, there are braces that will match school uniforms if your child’s school has a strict dress code. Lots of students enjoy finding colorful bands that will match their uniforms.

Your child should visit the orthodontist for an evaluation at around 7 years. Once children start growing, they should be closely monitored in case there are any changes that may interfere with the growth of their teeth. If these changes are corrected early enough with interceptive procedures, surgery or extractions can be entirely avoided.

Bad overbites can be dramatically improved with retainers between the ages of 6 and 9 years old. If these problems are corrected early, your child’s self-esteem will dramatically improve as they won’t have to worry about being teased when they enter middle or high school.

Orthodontic Specialists go above and beyond to ensure that their youngest patients are happy and comfortable. Their staff are trained to build confidence in young children by being kind and understanding of their needs. Children are also allowed to express their individuality and uniqueness by choosing their own color of braces.  After all, matching their braces color with their Halloween costume is a win-win for all.