Let’s Get Texas Smiling Again

Lets Get Texas Smiling Again

Safety in Everything We Do!

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With Texas slowly reopening for business after the COVID-19 shutdown, you may be wondering if it is safe to visit your orthodontist. The answer is YES!  Like all health and medical professionals,  orthodontists are taking steps as outlined by the CDC as well as the local and state public health officials to keep their offices, staff, and patients safe.  Here are some steps that your orthodontist may take to ensure the safest environment for you and your loved ones.

Safety Before You Enter the Office

Orthodontists are always focused on keeping teeth clean and free from plaque and food debris. To minimize aerosols, most offices have closed their toothbrushing stations; therefore, patients should thoroughly brush their teeth before arriving at their appointment. By doing so, they will eliminate one primary source of germs on their own bodies and help their orthodontics team, family and friends be safer, too!

As patients arrive at their appointments, they will be asked to complete a COVID-19 screening.  At some offices, a staff member may also take their temperature and assess them for any symptoms of COVID-19. If any symptoms are present or if a patient indicates that they have possibly been exposed to the virus, they will be asked to reschedule their appointment.

Safety in Things you See

Your orthodontist and staff wear face shields, gloves, and masks. They use surface coverings and instrument wraps to prevent the skin from touching any instrument used for treatment. Hand washing and anti-bacterial gel at each corner help everyone steer clear of any germs.

Safety in Things you Do not See

Orthodontic offices are generally very safe and orthodontic procedures are virtually free from discomfort for the patient.  Orthodontic offices use the same level of infection control found in most medical offices and even hospitals.  All surfaces are either disinfected and/or covered with plastic to prevent cross-contamination.  Orthodontic appliances and instruments get sterilized after each use.

Safety During Your Treatment

The orthodontist will take extra measures to ensure that aerosols  creation is minimized with suction vacuum equipment during appointments. Safe social distancing mandates by the Governor will be observed to keep everyone safe. Family members and siblings may be asked to remain in the waiting area or in their cars.

Texas Spirit has always been about friendship, warmth, and smiling faces. Your Texas Orthodontists are creating a safe environment for you to start your treatment towards a healthy and proud smile. Let’s get Texas Smiling Again!