How to Avoid a Holiday Orthodontic Emergency!

Oh, the joys of the holiday season! You might run upon a group of people singing holiday music, beautiful lights on trees and houses, and wonderful treats. However, if you or your child has braces, it’s crucial to keep in mind some tips to avoid an orthodontic emergency that could derail your Christmas enjoyment. Continue reading for expert advice from your Texas orthodontist!

Do Orthodontic emergencies happen?

Orthodontic emergencies are rare. An orthodontic emergency occurs when an orthodontic appliance breaks, dislodges, or causes unbearable discomfort. Of course, this would occur around the most inconvenient time of the year, the holidays. Because emergencies rarely occur when we expect them, it’s best to be prepared. Comfort visits or emergency visits are mainly to make sure your child is comfortable until their next scheduled visit.

Common Orthodontic Emergencies/ Discomfort situations:

Here is a summary of common orthodontic emergencies that occur around this time of year:

  • Metal rings loosely bonded around the back teeth (lose band)
  • Loose Spacers – Rubber rings put between teeth (usually no need to have those replaced)
  • Brackets that are loose or broken.
  • Protruding or broken wire – A thin metal piece used to modify the teeth.
  • Eating sticky, crunchy, or sharp foods, or not cleaning your teeth properly, can cause the above problems.

Some Holiday Tips to Remember:

Protecting orthodontic appliances over the holidays is straightforward if you or your child “follow the script.” That implies you should follow your orthodontist’s standard guidelines throughout this time of year. Avoid meals or drinks that could stick to the components and cause them to dislodge or break.

It also helps to drink water and use it to rinse around the mouth to clear some food that might get stuck there.

It’s vital to utilize the correct tools when practicing oral hygiene. For persons with braces, there are special toothbrushes and flosses that can be used to safely clean the teeth.

By following these tips, you or your child can enjoy the holiday season without damaging your braces, bringing you one step closer to a new smile!