How Long Will The Braces Need To Be Worn?

Length of treatment is usually a major consideration when a dentist recommends braces for you or your child. Typically, treatment with braces can take anywhere from six months to two years, but your orthodontist will be able to give you a much more precise timeframe after examining your mouth and dental records at the consultation. While some factors, such as your compliance, jaw growth, and unexpected mouth or device injury, can’t be predicted and all impact treatment times, your orthodontist can make a reasonable prediction based on factors such as:

  • Treatment complexity due to crowding or spacing.
  • Severity of bite problems.
  • Other complicating factors including missing or impacted teeth.
  • Preference of orthodontic appliances including metal braces, clear braces, or clear aligners.

Since these are unique to each individual, it’s important to remember that any estimated treatment length given by an orthodontist is just that – an estimate. Don’t be disappointed if your orthodontic treatment finishes sooner or takes longer than expected for the most ideal smile. The journey will all be worth it when you see the final results on yourself or child.