Getting your child ready for orthodontic treatment

Getting Kids Ready for braces

Your youngster anticipates many things, including being able to ride their bike without training wheels, the debut of a popular new video game, and finally getting to spend time with their friends over the weekend. Getting braces, on the other hand, isn’t normally on their bucket list.

While this is true, there are still things you can do to prepare your child for orthodontic treatment so they don’t have any unpleasant surprises and can look forward to the end results.

How to Get Your Child Ready for Braces

First, speak with them.

In the eyes of children, receiving orthodontic treatment is a major event, and they may not comprehend why things are happening the way they are. Speak with them about how great their smile can be after their treatment is over.

Help Them in Overcoming Their Fears

Getting braces can be intimidating at first, especially for young children who don’t understand why an orthodontist is taking x-rays of their mouth or making molds of their teeth. Sit your kids down and talk to them about what they can expect and why specific processes are taking place. Here’s another tip: when you call to make an initial appointment with the orthodontist, ask them what is to be expected at that appointment, that way you can tell your child about the appointment ahead of time.

Ask About Their Preferences

For older children or teens, ask them if they have any preferences for the type of treatment they receive. Clear Aligners are sometimes preferred by teenagers over traditional braces because they blend in better with their smiles. Remember: both need patient cooperation!

Start making changes to their diets.

Once they get their braces, your child will be required to avoid specific foods that can damage the braces – a rule that many children dislike.

Start reducing the quantity of sticky and chewy foods you keep in the house so that they’re rarely an option to begin with to make the transition a little simpler for them. When your child gets their braces on, they won’t miss those meals quite as much.

While they adapt to the new treatment, you should also stock up on softer, easier-to-eat meals. Rice, spaghetti, yogurt, and soup, for example, are all great foods to start adapting.

Orthodontic Wax is a must-have item.

Braces take some getting used to, and your child may experience some irritation from the wires and brackets until they acclimate to the new hardware in their jaws. Your youngster can aid by putting orthodontic wax on the brackets that are irritating them.

Request additional wax from your orthodontist so that your child can roll it into a ball, soften it, and apply it to irritated brackets.

Assist Them in Maintaining Their Hygiene Routine

Taking care of your smile with braces is a little more difficult than taking care of it without them. Assist your child with their modified hygiene routine to help them adapt to their orthodontic treatment. This could entail:

  • Buying flossers or a Waterpik to replace conventional floss might be a good idea.
  • Stocking up on brushes to clean in between brackets
  • keeping aligner cleaner on hand

Orthodontic Treatment in Texas

If you’ve ever looked in the mirror and wished for a smile that was neater and straighter, the chance to make it a reality is here. The orthodontic specialists at the Texas Association of Orthodontists take the time to provide individualized orthodontic care for all adult and pediatric patients. Visit our directory page to find a doctor near you.