Susan Delclos

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Susan Delclos

Orthodontics has allowed me to build relationships with amazing people, while improving their oral health and providing them with beautiful smiles. It allows me to watch each person’s self-esteem grow as he or she is able to smile with confidence. I strive to have a positive impact on every patient I care for, and look forward to my interactions with each person during treatment.

The relationships I build with my patients are incredibly fulfilling. I appreciate the opportunity to watch our younger patients grow into adolescents and then into mature, poised adults. Equally, I value caring for my adult patients, many of whom have waited years to start orthodontic treatment, always yearning for a healthy and beautiful smile. Watching the transformation that happens with each person is always rewarding.

I’m a third-generation oral healthcare provider. My father, grandfather, uncle, and brother are all dentists. My mother went to dental hygiene school, my uncle had a dental lab, and my brother-in-law is an orthodontist. I’m passionate about helping people and improving their lives through healthy bites and amazing smiles.

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