Sooyoun Chung

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Sooyoun Chung

Very excited to call myself an orthodontist!  Helping people smile with confidence is a truly rewarding profession.  A healthy smile is a beautiful smile, and I feel wonderful knowing that my patients are better able to take care of their teeth after orthodontic treatment.  The fulfillment I get from seeing my patients happy with their new smile is only made better by the personal connection we have made in the course of treatment.  I love getting to know my patients and discovering what makes them unique and special.

Orthodontics is constantly changing and evolving as new technologies emerge.  For that reason, I strive to stay active in continuing education.  I attend local and national orthodontics meetings and seminars to sharpen my knowledge, acquire new techniques, and stay connected with other professionals in the dental and orthodontic field.

I was born in Maryland, grew up in Korea, studied in Wisconsin, Michigan and Northern California.  Have been living in North Dallas for 10 years and I am happy to call Carrollton my hometown.  I am an avid dog lover and participate in Dog Agility with two of my shelties, Coco and Roux.

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