Sherri Reuland

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Sherri Reuland

Dr. Reuland has been practicing orthodontics for over 22 years. She’s passionate about her patients, beautiful smiles, education, Tyler Texas and her charity work, among which is the nationally recognized Boot Campaign.

Dr. Reuland began her private practice in Rowlett, TX where her clinic grew rapidly over the next four years. Marriage was in her future however, so she sold her thriving orthodontic practice, packed her bags and moved east, this time to Tyler, TX. It was there she married Dr. Kurt Reuland, a local radiologist. She opened her second practice, Reuland & Barnhart Orthodontics in May 2001. The Reuland family expanded with the addition of their daughter Claire in 2002 and their son Rhett in late 2003. In the early years of Reuland & Barnhart Orthodontics, her children were often seen with her at the clinic. Balancing motherhood and a professional career brought admiration and attention of patrons and the community, and was featured in an article about how she managed both in an feature article of Tyler Today Magazine in 2004.

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