Patrick Chen

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Patrick Chen

Dr. Patrick Chen grew up in Houston, Texas, and graduated from Memorial Senior High School. Growing up, he heard about the beautiful California scenery and weather.  So when it came time to choose a university, he decided to head West to the University of California, Berkeley!   There, he worked hard (and played hard) to obtain his Bachelor’s Degree in Molecular and Cell Biology.
During his four years at Berkeley, Dr. Chen attended many interesting lectures and was exposed to many intriguing ideas.  Since his interests included dentistry, medicine, international business, and political science, it was initially difficult for Dr. Chen to decide on a career path.  In the end, he remembered his childhood orthodontist and the big impact braces had on his life (yes… he wore a headgear).  So, Dr. Chen focused his attention on attending dental school.
Dr. Chen moved to Dallas in order to attend the outstanding Baylor College of Dentistry. There, he learned about the different aspects of dentistry and confirmed his desire to be an orthodontist.  For his orthodontic degree, Dr. Chen was excited to return to the West Coast to attend Oregon Health Sciences University in beautiful Portland, Oregon.  There, he enjoyed spending time outdoors in the mountains, on the beach, or driving north a few hours to visit Seattle and Vancouver, Canada.

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