Nadia Lyotard

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Nadia Lyotard

Dallas orthodontist, Dr. Nadia Lyotard, is devoted to being the best Invisalign orthodontist in Dallas, TX for her patients, while offering best in class braces solutions as well. She continues to offer both braces and Invisalign for children as well as adults. She does so to ensure you always have access to full a selection of orthodontic treatment options, as it enables her to custom fit each treatment to your and/or your child's unique individual needs. Originally from Switzerland, Dr. Lyotard is a third-generation Swiss dentist, who grew up watching her mother practice orthodontics and being exposed to her grandfather’s highly established dental practice in Geneva. Growing up around her mother’s practice, she was heavily influenced by her mother’s dedication to creating beautiful smiles and improving the development, function, and long-term health of her patient’s teeth. Additionally, being from a region known for producing the world’s finest watches, she was inspired by the rich Swiss tradition of precision and high quality craftsmanship

These influences left her with a deep belief that she should never settle for a particular level of mastery in any area of her practice, but should instead always view mastery as a mountain with no top and always seek to continue the climb.

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