Meredith Key

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Meredith Key

I love going on the orthodontic journey with my patients. Whether I’m working with a teenager who’s maturing and getting ready for college, or caring for a grandmother who decided to have treatment after seeing how well her grandchild’s smile turned out, I’m there to help and support.

Each person who opts for orthodontic treatment chooses to make a lasting, positive change in their life. They often start treatment ashamed of crooked teeth, or gaps between teeth; hiding their smile and feeling self-conscious around others. As a person sees their teeth gradually shift into correct position, they see their smile change. With that change comes a greater comfort in their appearance and a growth in self-esteem. By the time a patient finishes, they have a breathtaking smile and a completely new outlook on life! As an orthodontist, I’m part of transforming people’s smiles and their lives. I can’t imagine anything better!

Growing up with Dr. Key as my father, I always knew I wanted to work in oral healthcare. He is well-respected in our community and a great father. He was always there for dance recitals and sporting events, having a well-balanced and fulfilled life.

I’m proud to be continuing my family’s legacy of providing dental and orthodontic care in Young County. I follow in the footsteps of my great grandfather, Dr. Fern Robertson, my great uncle, Dr. Joe Robertson, and my father, Dr. E. Stanton Key.

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