Mark Padilla

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Mark Padilla

Your straight teeth and fantastic smile are Dr. Mark’s top priorities! But his concern for each patient of MP Orthodontics does not stop there. With his easy-going and fun-loving personality, Dr. Mark is a board-certified orthodontist in Plano Texas who connects well with patients on a personal level, and he thoroughly enjoys engaging in conversation with children. As a family-focused orthodontist with exemplary professional qualifications, Dr. Mark looks forward to offering the highest quality orthodontic care to patients for many years to come. Originally from a small town in Northern California, Dr. Mark is a member of a large family and always knew he wanted to work with children. While attending dental school, he quickly realized that orthodontics would be a great fit for him. When not serving his patients, Dr. Mark spends time with his wife, who grew up right here in Plano, and their three children, Luke, Ian, and Grace. Dr. Mark enjoys playing and watching sports, camping, and traveling.

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