Laura Morgan

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Laura Morgan

I love creating smiles! It is rewarding to give people the opportunity to express who they really are without worrying about being judged because their teeth look different.

As a child, I was afraid to smile because of how my teeth looked. I will always be thankful that my parents provided me with Phase I and Phase II orthodontic treatment. This experience gave me confidence to smile and to be who I am without being judged by a smile that is different.

After attending dental school and learning more about teeth and jaws, I chose to undergo orthognathic surgery, which reduced my gummy smile and gave me the chin I always wanted. This procedue also increased my confidence and knowledge, reinforcing my desire to pursue my dreams of creating smiles for others.

As an orthodontist, I value the time I have to get to know each patient and their family. It is so special to see each person grow and change throughout their treatment. Watching the transformation in their smile and their confidence is extremely rewarding.

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