John Alkire

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John Alkire

Dr. Alkire started his dental career in the military after being awarded a full military scholarship to attend a prestigious, private dental school in San Francisco, CA.  He was a military officer for over nine years, leaving with an Honorable Discharge in the rank of Major.  His first duty station was Fort Bragg, NC where he was a General Dentist in support of the 82nd Airborne.  Dr. Alkire was the only dentist at the time to step up and volunteer to be deployed out of Fort Bragg to Uzbekistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom following the attacks of 9/11. Next, he was stationed at Lackland Air Force Base, TX for two years during his Orthodontic Residency.  Upon successful completion of his residency and passing his written Board Exams, Dr. Alkire was stationed for three years at Camp Zama, Japan.  Here he was the Head Orthodontist for all Active Duty and their dependents for both Camp Zama as well as Atsugi Naval Air Base.  Dr. Alkire was next stationed at Fort Lewis, WA as an orthodontist with special emphasis on orthognathic surgical cases as well as acting as the Orthodontic Mentor to the Advanced General Dentistry Residents.

Through these experiences, Dr. Alkire learned the true meaning of dedication, integrity and striving for excellence. The practice of orthodontics allows him to continue to strive for that excellence. Orthodontics is by far the most rewarding aspect of dentistry that Dr. Alkire feels he can perform. The satisfaction he gets from improving a child's or an adult's smile and in turn increasing their self-confidence through what he does is immeasurable. Making someone smile is a temporary pleasure, but giving someone a smile for a lifetime is a gift that Dr. Alkire is truly honored to be able to give.

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