Jeffrey Ball

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Jeffrey Ball

I feel truly blessed to be part of the orthodontic profession. It is an honor to help so many people achieve their orthodontic and dental needs. I love giving our patients a smile they are truly excited about and appreciate.

I’m passionate about providing the best care and creating each patient’s best smile. Everyone has their own unique needs and desires. I encourage patients to tell me about what they want from treatment, so I’m able to develop a care plan that works for them. It’s important to me that patients enjoy their orthodontic experience and finish with a lifetime of healthy, beautiful smiles.

I’ve been practicing orthodontics for more than 25 years. I enjoy working with my hands and serving others. I’m particularly pleased with the people I’ve met and cared for, and the friendships that have developed. Learning about a patient as a person, hearing about their day, adventures, and successes, and seeing them gain confidence, is very fulfilling. I cannot imagine a more wonderful profession!

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