Grant Johnson

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Grant Johnson

Dr. Collins was described once in an orthodontic journal as “the Thinker”. He is constantly searching for a better way. This is why our office is always changing, growing and searching the world for the best solutions to orthodontic problems. This is also why he is a highly recognized clinical assistant professor in the Orthodontic Department at Texas A&M University Health Science Center in Dallas. A Board Certified Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics, he is also the recipient of awards from the American Association of Orthodontists, the Dr. Tom Mathews Award and the Robert E. Gaylord Award. While teaching, Dr. Collins both lectures and has clinical patients with the young doctors in their three year post graduate residency in orthodontics.

He is the author of several articles in orthodontic journals ranging from microscopic analysis of the cellular effects of accelerated tooth movement, to interesting case reports of unique approaches to treatment. Never satisfied with the status quo, Dr. Collins has designed and patented a new orthodontic appliance system that allows orthodontists to customize every bracket for every patient utilizing advanced imaging algorithms and 3D printing technology. There are two other advanced patents in the works regarding this approach to treatment as well. Along these lines, he serves in an advisory capacity to Ormco, the largest manufacturer of brackets in the USA as a member of their Insiders group.

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