Danielle Geshay

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Danielle Geshay

I love being an orthodontist! I strive for perfection in each smile that I create and am dedicated to helping my patients love their smile. I can relate to my patients because I’ve been through it all myself: I sucked my thumb until 4th grade and had braces twice as well as multiple other orthodontic appliances, plus I recently treated myself with Invisalign! It was always hard work, but my orthodontist supported and encouraged me and I do the same with my patients.

My favorite part about practicing orthodontics is getting to know each of my patients personally, as well as watching their transformation throughout the orthodontic process. I genuinely care about each of them and always like seeing how they become happier, more confident, and more outgoing as they move through treatment.

I interned for Dr. Taylor while I was a college student, running errands and assisting him and his team. He is a big reason why I decided to become an orthodontist. I am grateful for the opportunity to return to Waco and practice with Dr. Taylor in the same office that inspired me years ago.

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