Bradley Leiker

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Bradley Leiker

I truly enjoy my profession and seeing how it can change people’s lives by giving them more self-confidence in their smiles.

An orthodontist can help someone smile openly, someone who has always covered their mouth or intentionally prevented their grin from turning into a big smile. Treatment helps with public perception, attitude toward job interviews, approaching someone with romantic interest, and in so many other situations. It has been published that one of the things we notice when meeting someone new is their smile: It’s important that your smile be big, healthy, and beautiful!

I truly enjoy helping people obtain the sensational smile they desire, and the increased self-confidence they get as a result of being happier about how they look. I know orthodontics made a huge difference for me when I was growing up with the “Fangs” and not wanting to smile fully.

It is a joy to work with people of all ages, each with their own story to share. I especially enjoy getting to know my patients and their families. Many families start in our practice with early interceptive treatment as a child and go through the teenage years with the full orthodontic treatment — and then they do the same for other family members, both children and parents. So some families are part of our office for many years, being part of our lives as we’re part of theirs!

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