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What Makes Oak Tree Orthodontist Different

We understand that you have many options when it comes to choosing an orthodontic practice to meet your smile needs. Take a moment to learn about the many reasons why Dr. Ray Melendez, DMD at Oak Tree Orthodontist will exceed your expectations at every turn.

Here are just a few things that set us apart!

  • Dr. Melendez is a Board Certified orthodontist with over twenty years of extensive experience in adolescent and adult cases.
  • He has a distinguished military career; he retired as a Colonel and served as the Consultant to the Surgeon General. Upon retiring he was awarded three Meritorious Service Medals and the prestigious Legion of Merits Award.
  • Dr. Melendez is considered a notable practitioner in his field and has lectured in the field of Maxillofacial Surgery for multiple Dental Residency Programs and major Universities throughout the country.
  • We know that each patient’s smile is unique; therefore each treatment plan is tailored to each individual patient. We want you to be fully informed so you can feel comfortable with your choice of treatment.
  • We work with patients of all ages.
  • We make sure not to start a child’s treatment too early. We treat children at their most efficient time according to the severity of their problem and their growth and development. We do not do Phase I treatment (early treatment that requires a second phase of treatment) if the problem can be treated effectively in one later stage of treatment.
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