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Dr. Jacob’s passion for orthodontics spans two continents and over a decade of training. He enrolled in dental school in India at the age of 17. After dental school, he completed 3 years of orthodontic residency, obtaining a Masters of Dental Surgery. Wanting to expand his expertise and knowledge, Dr. Jacob moved to the United States where he completed not one, but two fellowships in Craniofacial Biology and Craniofacial Genetics at the University of Kentucky (UK). His love for the field and clinical knowledge were quite evident, leading to his acceptance into the UK’s Orthodontic program. During his final year as a resident, he was nominated as the applicant for the prestigious Journal of Clinical Orthodontics’ Student of the Year Award. Upon completion of his (second) residency, he received his certificate in Orthodontics and Master of Science in Oral Biology. Did Dr. Jacob stop there? Nope! Dr. Jacob underwent the voluntary and rigorous process to become a board-certified orthodontist as a Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics, an achievement that not all orthodontists pursue. His dedication to his field can be seen through his several publications and book chapter in reputed journals. All this to say, he truly cares about the quality of care he provides to each of his patients and building beautiful smiles!

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